AMZ.One is an all in one tool for Amazon Sellers designed to optimize sales on Amazon. Some of the tools are:

  • Keyword Rank Tracking

As its name suggests, it is used to keep track of the keywords for which a product is relevant.

  • Sales tracking

Thanks to this tool, allows sellers to generate a list of competitors’ products and their daily evolution.

Just add them to a list and you will get a bar graph showing the amount of products sold and their stocks. Sellers can also check the daily sales and the estimated revenue.

  • Amazon Product Finder

Another jewel of the crown is the tool that allows seller to find ideal products to sell. What really adds value is that it gives  all the information needed to do it with guarantees.

Provides data such as sales history, number of competitors or sales projections and benefit. Oh, and also Alibaba’s suppliers for every product!

  • One Page Analyzer
  • Negative Review Notifications
  • Advanced Super URL SEO Tool
  • etc